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  • Subject: Biology
  • AS: 91156
  • Level: 2
  • Credits: 4
  • External

Biology 2.4 Demonstrate understanding of life processes at the cellular level

Key tips

This standard is assessed with an external exam.

There is a lot of new language in this standard, which you need to be familiar with, to succeed.  You will come across new names and processes that you need to know where they happen, how they work and why they are needed.

You need to make sure you have a good understanding of the three processes in the standard:

  • photosynthesis
  • respiration
  • cell division (DNA replication and mitosis as part of the cell cycle which includes understanding of the structure of DNA, and the meaning of semi-conservative replication as part of cell division.).

You must be able to relate the biological ideas to these processes.  The biological processes are:

  1. Movement of materials into, out of and around cells.  These could include diffusion, osmosis, active transport
  2. Enzyme activity.  You do not need to know any specific enzymes names
  3. Factors affecting the process.   These will be things like temperature, concentration, Surface Area to Volume ratio, Cell shape, other chemicals present.  Factors affecting the processes may include the direct availability of resources (e.g. sunlight, water, CO2 are all needed for photosynthesis) as well as the indirect affect of factors that affect enzyme activity within cells (e.g. temperature, pH, substrate, concentration, co-enzymes, enzyme poisons.).
  4. Details of the process only as they relate to the overall functioning of the cell.  You do not need to know the names of different stages in life processes.
  5. Reasons for similarities and differences between cells such as cell size and shape, and type and number of organelles present.

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