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  • Subject: English
  • AS: 90849
  • Level: 1
  • Credits: 4
  • External

1.1 Show understanding of specified aspect(s) of studied written text(s), using supporting evidence

Achievement criteria

You will write one essay of at least 200 words on a written text(s) that you have studied in class. The essay will provide opportunities to gain achievement, merit, and excellence grades. You will be assessed on how well you understand and use evidence from the text you studied to support your discussion.

On this page: Achievement | Achievement with Merit | Achievement with Excellence


Show understanding of specified aspect(s) of studied written text(s) using supporting evidence.

Make sure you:

  • select a question you understand, that you know something about, and is suited to your text
  • underline keywords in the question to help you focus on exactly what you are being asked to do
  • use keywords to help put the question into your own words
  • brainstorm your answer so you don’t write about the plot from beginning to end
  • have at least one central idea to be discussed in 4–5 clear paragraphs
  • address both parts of the question adequately
  • include the title and author in the introduction
  • structure paragraphs by using topic sentence, explanation, and example from the text
  • use accurate quotations, examples, and details from the text
  • have a conclusion
  • think about how the text makes you feel
  • show you have read and understood the main ideas, events, and characters in the text
  • write over 200 words.

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Achievement with Merit

Show convincing understanding of specified aspect(s) of studied written text(s) using supporting evidence.

Make sure you:

  • reach Achievement
  • directly address the question
  • include keywords throughout the essay
  • plan your answer and expand your ideas
  • address both parts of the question equally
  • use relevant details from text
  • make relevant conclusions
  • write over 300 words.

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Achievement with Excellence

Show perceptive understanding of specified aspect(s) of studied written text(s) using supporting evidence.

Make sure you:

  • reach Achievement with Merit
  • show how all elements of the text (plot, setting, character, and style) work together to present the message
  • apply your knowledge to suit the question
  • develop a discussion around the text and the question
  • demonstrate a deep and full understanding of the text
  • choose a main theme that can be fully discussed and linked to other themes in the text
  • use appropriate vocabulary confidently to explain your ideas
  • make mature observations and respond personally to the text
  • make conclusions throughout the essay to give a unique and /or an original response
  • write over 400 words.

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