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  • Subject: English
  • AS: 90052
  • Level: 1
  • Credits: 3
  • External

1.4 Produce creative writing

Sites for revision

Writing to describe
This web page gives advice and examples of descriptive writing. Look for the six steps to success.

Descriptive Writing
This web page has an index of aspects of descriptive writing and gives guidance to students.

A Short Story
This web page takes you through important steps in the writing process and allows for self-review of work. It has a recap quiz.

A Script
This web page has notes on how to layout a script correctly including stage directions.

Modern poetry
This website has a description and exercises for many different aspects of writing poetry such as: using imagery and metaphor, finding a theme, and rhythm and stanza.

Short Stories: 10 Tips for Novice Creative Writers
This web page gives information on different plot structures and how to build characters and tension in a story.

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