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  • Subject: English
  • AS: 90857
  • Level: 1
  • Credits: 3
  • Internal

1.6 Construct and deliver an oral text

Language techniques

For an effective oral presentation it must be well written, using a variety of language techniques appropriate to the topic and audience. Some language techniques may include:

  • rhetorical question – ask a question which doesn't need to be answered to get your audience thinking about their own opinions
  • repetition – of an idea or sentence structure helps to link ideas
  • hyperbole – is an exaggeration often used to add humour
  • imperative – a command word used to grab attention
  • listing – of examples and words to support and idea
  • alliteration – using words starting with the same letter to make it memorable.

Look at the beginning of a speech from an NCEA exemplar to see how to annotate your language techniques (Word, 27KB).

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