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English 2.1 Analyse specified aspect(s) of studied written text(s), supported by evidence

Achievement criteria

You will write one essay of 350–500 words on a text(s) that you have studied in class. The question will provide opportunities to gain achievement, merit, and excellence grades. You will be assessed on your ability to analyse and use evidence from the text(s) to support a clear and logical discussion.

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Analyse specified aspect(s) of studied written text(s), supported by evidence.

Make sure you:

  • brainstorm your answer so you focus on the question not the plot
  • state at least one central idea or argument in the introduction, to be discussed in 4–5 clear paragraphs, and your final thoughts presented in a conclusion
  • answer all parts of the question by addressing the question throughout the essay
  • include the title and author in the introduction
  • structure paragraphs by using a topic sentence, explanation, and example(s) from the text
  • use accurate quotations, examples, and details from the text to support your analysis of the text
  • show you have examined and understood the main ideas, events, and characters in the text
  • show that you have considered how the text has been crafted by using language terms
  • identify how the text makes you feel or what it made you think about
  • write 350–400 words.

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Achievement with Merit

Analyse specified aspect(s) of studied written text(s) convincingly, supported by evidence.

Make sure you:

  • reach Achievement
  • directly and fully answer the question using relevant quotations and details from text to reinforce your points
  • frequently use appropriate terminology to examine features accurately and confidently
  • plan your answer and expand your ideas by structuring an argument
  • address all parts of the question
  • show a strong knowledge of the text and begin to integrate quotations to convincingly discuss and analyse ideas
  • thoroughly examine aspects of the text and begin to make conclusions about writer's purpose
  • clearly analyse how certain effects, ideas, and elements are presented and why they were presented in that particular way
  • examine how language has been used to shape the reader's point of view
  • consider how two or more elements within the text work together to create an effect
  • think independently and show an appreciation of how theme, craft, and author’s purpose are connected across the text(s)
  • make relevant and mature conclusions based on personal response and understanding
  • write 400-500 words clearly, confidently, and logically.

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Achievement with Excellence

Analyse specified aspect(s) of studied written text(s) perceptively, supported by evidence.

Make sure you:

  • reach Achievement with Merit
  • show how all elements of the text (plot, structure, setting, character, and craft) work together to support the writer's themes and purpose
  • develop an intelligent and mature response or argument around the text and the question, possibly using comparison and contrast
  • show an excellent knowledge of the text by integrating a variety of examples and evidence to discuss the concepts underpinning the text in a sophisticated manner
  • demonstrate a deep and full understanding or appreciation of the text type and crafting
  • consistently evaluate the effectiveness of how language techniques have been used to communicate a message
  • use appropriate vocabulary confidently, accurately and consistently to explain your ideas connected to the writer's purpose, text type and craft
  • use insightful analysis to make mature or original observations and respond personally to the text and make relevant links to different contexts outside of the text
  • make conclusions throughout the essay to give a unique and /or an original response
  • write 400-500 words fluently, purposefully and logically with some originality.

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