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  • Subject: Physics
  • AS: AS91521
  • Level: 3
  • Credits: 4
  • Internal

Physics 3.1 Carry out a practical investigation to test a physics theory relating two variables in a non-linear relationship

Achievement criteria

The criteria for each level of achievement is based on your ability to collect data, process data, and present the evidence of the experiment, with the method and conclusion, in a written report.


Evidence for Achievement may include:

  • data relevant to the aim based on the manipulation of the independent variable over a reasonable range and number of values
  • uncertainties in raw data appropriate to the measurement
  • a linear graph, including an error line, based on the data and relevant to the aim which enables the equation of the relationship or the value of the physics quantity to be determined.
  • a conclusion that states the equation of the relationship/value of the physics quantity as determined from the graph and includes a comparison with the physics theory

Achievement with Merit

For Achievement with Merit, evidence may include:

  • a description of the control of other variable(s) that could significantly affect the results
  • the use of techniques to improve the accuracy of measurements
  • appropriate uncertainties in raw and plotted data for one of the variables
  • graphical analysis which expresses the uncertainty in the relationship consistent wit the uncertainty in the data
  • a conclusion that makes a quantitative comparison between the physics theory and the relationship/quantity obtained from the experimental data which includes consideration of uncertainties

Achievement with Excellence

For Achievement with Excellence, evidence involves a discussion which addresses issues critical to the practical investigation, such as:

  • the other variable(s) that could have changed and significantly affected the results, and how they could have changed the results
  • the limitations to the theory’s applicability both in the practical situation and/or at extreme values of the independent variable
  • any unexpected outcomes of the processing of the results and a suggestion of how they could have been caused and the effect they had on the validity of the conclusion.

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